Great new training course tailored for the Australian market

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Great new training course tailored for the Australian market

With a wide range of courses available in home staging, it becomes difficult to determine just which one to pick that will have the most information and relevance to working in an Australian market place.

A quick search of Google will deliver a host of results from big name businesses in the US, Canada and the UK. But up until now, there has not been a truly independent Australian provider to choose from.

The Australian Institute of Home Stagers is run by recognised Brisbane home staging expert, Deb Lindner, over a three day intensive course designed to get you ready for starting a career in home staging.

The course is designed to help people wanting to get into home staging as well as providing direction and assistance to existing home staging business develop and get to the next level.

“Whenever I tell people that I get PAID to go shopping for beautiful furniture and homewares, and then get paid AGAIN to makeover people’s homes for sale, they always light up and say wow! What a fantastic business to be in! I would love to do that…” says Lindner

Lindner went on to say “I spent 15 years in the corporate world, working with multi-national clients and coping with the stress of working to tight deadlines every day. Sometimes it felt as though I was surviving, not living – you know, commuting to working in the madness that is peak hour traffic, doing the whole 9-5 thing, being too exhausted to really enjoy any quality time with my family and friends.”

Lindner then started her home staging business, Mink Home Staging, and with this came learning the ropes of running a business while indulging in her passion, styling homes. In addition, Lindner had invested large sums of money into internationally based home staging courses.

It got her thinking about how much irrelevant information was provided and how she could create a specific course for the local Australian home staging industry and make sure it contained the information people needed to get started.

From here, the Home Staging Intensive course was born and Lindner has now run several very successful three day sessions gaining a wide appreciation of her skills and knowledge in the field.

“To be perfectly honest, I would have LOVED a resource like this when I was starting out…but there was simply nothing available. So I really hope to give my students some valuable insights, so they don’t make the same mistakes I did” says Lindner.

The next Home Staging Intensive course is to be held in Brisbane from the 21st October – 23rd October 2011. To book your seat in this limited number course, visit the Home Staging Intensive course here.

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  1. I was fortunate today to attend a 3 hr seminar Deb held in Melbourne, it was very informative and it is great to have a 100 % Australian traiining package in property styling/homestaging/homestyling in Australia. It is important for Australia to build a professional and credible presence in this emerging industry. Deb is certainly a great ambassador for the industry

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