Home staging is as “Australian” as it gets!

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Home staging is as “Australian” as it gets!

While many home stagers continue to try and increase the awareness of the home staging and property styling/presentation market, it was great to see a piece in The Weekend Australian (July 30-31 2011) newspaper recently which helped support the benefits of engaging a stylist to help prepare a home for sale.

The Weekend Australian ran an article on the merits of investing money into a property when selling and the importance of styling to improve the sale value of a home.

Leading Australian real estate agent, John McGrath, commented that almost 25% of home sellers are engaging a home stylist to help them prepare their house and that  most people spend between $3000 and $8000 which can net a return a 5% to 10% increase in the sale price.

John McGrath also added that at the very least, re-styling your property for sale will help it sell a lot quicker.

It was great to see The Weekend Australian also looking at local stylists and their work and showing the difference it can make by either re-styling what is already in the property, or having everything removed from the home and bringing in rental furniture and accessories to truly give the property that ‘wow’ factor that makes so much difference.

Home Staging Australia and homestagershq.com member, Richard Armstrong from The Makeover Group in Melbourne, was also fortunate enough to be able to comment on the issue of home staging in Australia. Richard made some great comments about the difference painting the exterior of a property can make, removing the twenty year old paint and bringing the property into the now. Richard believes that a modern house on the outside suggests that the property is modern on the inside too, which draws more people in to inspect the home. Richard also makes the comment that for every $1000 invested in the property a vendor can look to add $3000 to the selling price.

Richard was not alone in this thought process, Michele Ardon of Michele Ardon Interior Design also made some great comments about the return on investment when staging a home for sale.

Michele felt that a bottom end spend of $5000 can net a return a $15,000 – $20,000 more in the elling price, and that at the top end of spending, the return was a 1:5 or 1:6 ratio.

The main thread in the article seems to be to make your property stand out in the buyers eyes, to do something that makes the buying public want that property more than the one down the street and to create that all important first impression. This line of thought was also shared with home staging expert, Debra Gould of the Staging Diva, who says that home staging is process of creating a home buyers fall in love with.

I think that the coverage for home stylists and stagers in Australia was great, but the best part of the article was the benefits that home sellers can get from investing in time with a property stylist. Property owners Tony Harper and Lisa Carroll knew they had to style their property to be competitive in the Sydney Inner West. They knew that engaging a stager would provide a great experience for the home buyers,  the same experience that attracted them to the home in the first place.

If you have not seen the article yet, it is well worth a read and you can read it fully at The Weekend Australian.

What are your experiences with home staging on the results of your property at sale time? If you are a home stager, what results have you seen that have benefited your client?

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