Keeping statistics on property sales

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Keeping statistics on property sales

I recently went to look at how I have actually assisted agents and vendors sell their home and the difference that staging a property for sale can make in the process of selling a house.

It wasn’t until I decided to do this that I realised that my stats on properties I had worked on was pretty much non-existent. I didn’t have days on market, asking price or even selling price details handy to review and include in my summaries which made me think, why didn’t I keep this information handy when I was working on the project instead of having to do hours of research to find the information months after I had worked on the job?

I have now taken to keeping a “log book” if you will of each and every job I work on so I can then determine whether there is some sort of trend in how staging and styling a property for sale impacts on selling time and price.

There are so many figures out there reflecting the US and Canadian market, but there are not many statistics for the Australian market and the influence of property styling on a homes saleability.

It would be interesting to find out from property stylists around Australia whether they have active figures to share with potential clients around the country. Anyone willing to share selling time data they have?


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  1. Thanks Vicki, having the ability to provide data to a central resource would be handy, it’s finding out how to do it and how to get fellow property stylists involved that is tough. Any thoughts would be welcomed though.

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