Styling to suit home entertainment needs

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Styling to suit home entertainment needs

With any styling project, a property stylist must consider who will live in the home and how they will live in the home to ensure it is presented accordingly to the right buyer.

Styling any home for sale, one of the key areas that must show this functionality is the lounge room or family room, and more importantly how the new owners will live in this space.

With an increased appetite for in-home entertainment, the Australian market likes to see how the lounge room can be set up to maximise opportunity for home theatre and this means allocating space in the styling project for a lounge that faces a big screen TV.

While sourcing furniture and accessories for these rooms is usually fairly straight forward, the one thing that can be difficult to get hold of is a like like plasma or LCD screen. Buying these sorts of things new is prohibitive and they are heavy to move (not to mention damage easily) so they are not really an option.

As an alternative, the modern day “prop TV” has come a long way from the old cardboard box that used to be available for purchase, being replaced with sleek and shiny realistic plasmas that sit proudly on any entertainment unit.

And these aren’t scaled down versions of the real thing, they are 42″ and 50″ screens as well as impressive looking laptops and whitegoods that transform a house into a real home.

Leading Australian prop supplier, Display Props, provides high quality, realistic and glossy TVs that surprise most removalists when they pick them up. A real 50″ plasma is a two man lift due to the weight, but a prop TV weighs much less as it does not contain the glass and electrical components of its operating brother.

These props continue to amaze people inspecting properties when they find out they are not real. I’ve heard of people inspecting the home hoping to get a football score update only to be very disappointed!

The plasma screens can also be tailored to help promote your business, a subtle yet effective communication channel to promote your business to those looking at properties (who may also be considering looking for a property stylist to help them prepare their home for sale). Shift by Design, a Tasmanian home staging and property styling company uses their logo on their screens for this reason as pictured below:

If you have an inventory of furniture or accessories it is worth considering the option of purchasing these items to have your stock. They are great to look at and really finish off a lounge room environment perfectly.

Display Props have 32″ TVs starting from $197.00 a unit (plus GST and freight) and can assist you with customisation of your screen for an additional price.

Click here to see the Display Prop range of home staging and property styling props

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